In search for happiness!

I want to dedicate my life to the people who are suffering from difficulties in my native country and serve as a foundation, building a bridge that allows you a connection between the rich and the poor!

Friends, let me share with you, my fight!

God has placed in my heart a desire, which I intend to transform into a project.

One day, I asked myself this question (how can I be useful to my society); in this question, a dream was born, for which I am striving for its fulfillment.

Before implementing this project, I intend to do Biblical theology, to have the basis in the word of God; because what I will accomplish in the future has to do with God, even though it is a plan of mine and independent.

I chose the United States to study, for the quality of teaching and also for being an evangelical Country.

I saved money, to go to the United States and I got it; I'm in New Jersey, temporarily, to look for school, to write to me; but I found two huge obstacles: the language and financial conditions, to pay for the intensive English course, which is the first step, and then to do the Biblical theology.

-I want to take an intensive English course.
-I want to do Bible theology.
“And then I'll be able to implement this project.”

I do not like asking, but I'll have to do it:
if someone, of native English language, willingly, wants to help me practice English ........ I would be grateful; even by WhatsApp or Skype, or want to sponsor my projects ........ would appreciate the gesture.

My e-mail:

God bless



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If someone or entity wants more information about, my project or me, before sponsoring me, contact me!.