Lacey Wildd in Miami, Florida on March 30, 2014 

Reality star Lacey Wildd is just one plastic surgery procedure away from achieving her dream of becoming the world's most extreme "human Barbie." The 46-year-old mom, who has appeared on TLC's My Strange Addiction and E!'s Botched, is gearing up for her next and final boob job, taking her from size LLL to her goal of QQQ.

But in order to achieve the desired Barbie doll proportions, Lacey must lose 20 more pounds — a dangerous undertaking according to doctors. Cosmo reports that Lacey's been living on a daily diet of apples, lemon juice, and water for the past six weeks.

"I feel really good but I still think I need to lose more weight," she said. "I want to go down to a size 3 or even a 0. I want to have the most extreme body in the world, I want to be a walking cartoon character. But I know I have to be careful."

During Lacey's appearance on Botched last year, she explained that her obsession with plastic surgery started as a kid when her siblings called her flat chested. The Miami transplant also revealed that she's experienced quite a few complications, including a ripped pec muscle and ripped veins — both caused by the sheer weight of her boobs. Needless to say, viewers let out a sigh of relief when Botched surgeon Dr. Dubrow refused to perform the operation that would bring her bust to size triple Q.

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